Service,an aggregation of a service engagement with one or more service acts between two or more service systems creating service outcomes.


Learn Build to Release with the help of DevOpsConsulting, tutorials, help videos, training guides, and expert tips from our expert mentors and curated from the best sources around the web.


Implementing Build to Release in an enterprise is not easy as it sounds. It's not like you purchase few software and you are ready to go. This is not how Build to Release works.


Build to Release is cultural and technological phenomenon and relies on close communication and by extension is location-dependent thus Build to Release can not be outsourced.

Roushan Kumar

ROUSHAN KUMAR, Sales and Marketing head

Roushan Kumar is Sales and Marketing head and co-ordinator based out in india and responsible for all DevOps training and consulting in India.

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Muthu Kumar P

Muthukumar P, Operating Head

Muthukumar P is Operation Head based out in India and assisting many companies to implement DevOps in India.

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Rajesh Kumar

RAJESH KUMAR, Personal Trainer

Rajesh Kumar is a Director of company based out in Netherlands and assisting many companies to implement DevOps in whole world's region.

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JANE DOUGH, Revision editor

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